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The information on this website is public record made available by the Federal Government. All mortgage lenders supply this information to the government per the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act. AllMortgageDetail is not affiliated with any financial institution, government agency, or mortgage lender.

The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA), enacted by Congress in 1975, is implemented by the Federal Reserve Board's Regulation C (12 CFR Part 203). HMDA was made permanent in February 1988, and was expanded in August 1989 and again in June 2002 to require additional data to be reported about applications received and about applicant and borrower characteristics. HMDA makes available to the public information that helps to show whether financial institutions are serving the housing credit needs of their neighborhoods and communities. It also helps government officials make public sector investments and indicates to private investors the neighborhoods where additional public sector efforts are needed. In addition, HMDA data helps identify possible discriminatory lending patterns and assists regulatory agencies in enforcing compliance with anti-discrimination statutes. HMDA does not prohibit any activity, nor is it intended to encourage unsound lending practices or the allocation of credit. HMDA Reporting Requirements HMDA requires covered institutions to compile and disclose data about loan applications; home purchase, home improvement and refinance loans originated or purchased during each calendar year. In general, institutions must report data about each application or loan (such as loan type, property type and loan amount) and about the location of the dwelling to which it relates. Institutions must also report the ethnicity, race , sex, and gross annual income of the applicant or borrower. Covered institutions must maintain a loan/application register (LAR) on which it will enter data about each application received and each loan originated or purchased. The application or loan number, the date the application was received, and the date the action was taken are not provided for public use. Each financial institution also submits a Transmittal Sheet (TS) with their LAR data. The TS provides information about the financial institution such as its name, address, respondent identification number, contact name and phone number, agency code, parent name and address, and tax identification number. The contact name and phone number are not provided for public use.